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  • I’m about to demolish the doctors’ lies!  They say there is no cure for Dry Eye!  But in fact Dry Eye is curable!

They say that Dry Eye can only be managed with the use of artificial tears!

But in fact artificial tears only make your eyes worse, and sufferers become increasingly dependent on them.  How can these external, man-made things even compare with the body’s own nutrient solution?


They say that using Smartplug can relieve Dry Eye!

But from the patients we know who’ve used Smartplug they all said that it had not relieved their condition.  On the contrary, this man-made physical blockage of the tear duct often leads to eye inflammation.  It seems Smartplug is only good for getting more money out of you.

Even more desperate are the so-called moisture-chamber glasses. Sufferers who choose to wear them find it very hard to adapt back to normal living conditions, and there is no substantive change, apart from turning the sufferer into some sort of googly-eyed monster!!

  • What I am telling you here is a safe, green, effective method that works like MAGIC! This method can also treat myopia, prevent glaucoma and floaters.
  • When I saw those dry eye sufferers like me talking all day long about eye drops, seeking some magical medicine that might cure their eyes, I felt urged to write this. I can totally understand their feelings, because I have been there.
  • But I want to tell you the hard truth that artificial tears,
    antibiotics, and hormones only make it worse.
  • The method I am going to write about has indeed set many dry eye patients free and helped them live a healthy life.
  • For some patients their eyes are not that bad anymore and their symptoms
    have improved to a large degree. Isn’t it magical? Keep in mind that men are God’s creation. Eyes are a part of that. They have their own recovery system. Honestly it’s not even possible to recover your bright eyes with artificial tears or eye drops. What you need is a way that is natural, green and safe.
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  • It is unbearable to live with dry eye. It can be associated with different factors, such as overuse of the eyes, environmental pollution, and certain nutrition deficiencies. As for me, it was because I spent too much time on the computer. I still remember how the past two years my eyes were working like a machine without a break, staring at the computer for over ten hours. Even though my eyes were dry and sore when I looked at the computer screen,

  • I still kept doing it. During this time, I occasionally joined some church activities, like retreat meetings. For those three days my eyes were relieved a little. After that, my eyes were uncomfortable on and off. But I didn’t care about it much. Until one day it became so unbearable that I went to see the doctor and underwent a series of tests - Tear secretion: left eye 0mm, right eye 3mm - and was diagnosed as having dry eye. The doctor said it was nothing serious. But the symptoms were growing worse and a white secretion started appearing around the eye area. There was heavy discharge around the eyelid area and my eyes were very dry. I became sensitive to light and could not bear the wind blowing in my eyes. I continually felt really bad because of it.

    Every day was so hard for me to get through. I thought there must be some other methods out there to cure my eyes. So I went to see another doctor and the result of the tests was that my tear break up time was even shorter and my tear secretion test showed left eye 0mm, right eye 0mm.I was told that I had severe dry eye, as well as blepharitis and conjunctivitis.

  • In the following days I began to apply all kinds of eye drops, artificial tears, antibiotics, and hormones. First it was Tobramycin Eye Drops, Ofloxacin, then Gatifloxacin Eye Drops, fluorometholone, proadifen, Dexamethasone ointment, and every kind you could possibly think of. And what was more frustrating was that my eyes became drier and drier. And I found I could not open my eyes when I was trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The pain was unbelievable!

  • I went to famous hospitals and saw famous doctors one after another and used every kind of eye drop. It just didn’t work and my eyes were still in pain. Information on the internet said there was a preservative in artificial tears, which is not good for the eyes. However I found the eye drops without the preservative didn’t do any good for my eyes either. Seeing doctors over and over again and trying many different cures, the answer I got was that dry eye is incurable. How could I accept it? A sister in my church is an eye-care professional. She told me that there is no cure for dry eye yet and suggested that the less artificial tears I used the better.

  • I continued to seek medical advice and even tried herbal medications. Nothing changed, except for gaining new symptoms: there were white crusts on the end of my eyelashes and yellow grains around my eyelids. Sometimes they dissipated and sometimes recurred. I was so distressed.

    One thing about dry eye is that you often look just like normal people and others can neither see nor understand what you are going through, so only you know how much you suffer. This disease won’t kill you but deprive you of the ability to work in an office. You can’t watch TV or movies, nor even use a computer. The most common treatment is artificial tears, which ruin your eyes. I was desperate after so much unbearable pain and dryness. I was still young, only 26 years old. I couldn’t stand the thought of living with this pain all my life.

    I prayed to God. And thank God, having failed after trying so many times, through daily prayers God showed me this magical method. After persisting in applying this for nearly two months, my symptoms improved greatly. Although my eyes still can’t bear strong winds and strong light, they aren’t so dry and I am in a much better mood.

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  • It’s based on Chinese traditional acupoint massage. I still remember the first time, after I did it for like ten minutes, my eyes started getting moist and tears came out. By persisting in doing it every day, my eyes would quickly get wet after just seconds of eye massage.

  • Step by step, my eyes were not that painful and I could even look at the computer for a little while. In daily life, the dry, thickening, lusterless feeling of my eyes has gone. I cherish my current situation and will never abuse my eyes like before.

  • This has been proven effective by many. It allows you to get rid of dependence on eye drops and make your eyes feel comfortable once again. Now many following this method have begun living a normal life, watching movies, and going to work.

  • If you do not have severe conjunctivitis or keratitis,please don’t consider eye drops, let alone artificial tears. In doctors’ eyes dry eye can’t be cured and the only thing you can do is relieve your pain using artificial tears. This is a lie. The truth from dry eye sufferers who apply artificial tears tells us that artificial tears only make it worse. Mostly artificial tears consist of preservatives and you may injure your cornea by using them long term. Even artificial tears without preservatives if overused will rinse off your natural tear film and accelerate tear evaporation, making your eyes even more uncomfortable.

  • What I am telling you here is a safe, green, effective method that works like magic.

  • At the same time I provide specific illustrations for you to understand without effort. By mastering this magical method, you will be well on the way to healing.
  • And plenty of important things for you to take note of are included. Those are conclusions I came to after I went through this.

  • What’s more, in the last two chapters you will see how to get rid of the shadow of dry eye, from the outside in, from your mind to your body, showing that there is indeed hope for you to get back on the right track in life.

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    The Third editon comes!
    14 massage videos and a whole healing process of a dry eye patient has added to the 3nd edition of the book! Follow the massage video, feeling it with your heart and practise it everyday, you can get better in One Day and get rid of the pain of dry eye.
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    results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund. On the other hand, if Dry Eye Home Rmedy helps you get rid of your Dry Eye and you feel greater than ever before, then I want you to email me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved - and tell all your dry eyefriends about it too.
  • Success Story #1: "You'll never regret reading this book!"

    The pain I suffered when using my computer with Dry Eye was excruciating. I couldn't use the computer for more than a half hour at a time; otherwise the pain would become unbearable. The doctor prescribed a lot of eye drops for me but none of them worked. Since I began practicing the method outlined in chapter 4 of this book, I've been able to return to regular work. When I wake in the morning, there is no more stabbing pain or feeling that my eyes are stuck closed. I try my best to print out all my work materials to reduce my time in front of the computer. I can use my computer for three or four hours now without pain whereas before I couldn't make it past half an hour. Through the use of massage, I found that I actually have an inexhaustible supply of natural tears, why would I use artificial ones. Since using this method, my eyes have been moistened and I can cry. When we have such a rich store of natural tears to be exploited, there’s no need to ever revert to using artificial tears! I strongly recommend you try this method. You can be freed from your pain too!


    Success Story #2: "I want to encourage you to have faith, you can recover."

    My left eye was moderately affected, while the right eye was a little better. In the afternoon I would feel like my eyes were swollen. By dusk I'd be blinking uncontrollably. By night time, both eyes would be red and painful. My left eye could not produce tears. I was extremely light sensitive, to the point that I couldn't even open my eyes in strong light. I applied eye drops and drank cod-liver oil but nothing worked. After using this method for a week, it felt really good but my left eye still produced very few tears. One day I was applying massage while taking the bus. Suddenly I yawned and found tears coming from my left eye. I was so happy and felt a renewed faith even though there were just a few tears. I felt like the massage was proving effective so I kept at it. Whenever my eyes began to feel dry I would yawn and avoid using artificial tears. I found my symptoms reduced significantly. I get to bed early and rise early. Using this method I have overcome my Dry Eye. I want to encourage you to have faith, you can recover.


    Success Story #3: "Persevere using this method!"

    Fifteen years ago I played computer games all night. From that time on, whenever I used a computer for a prolonged time, my eyes would feel tired. I went to see a lot of doctors and all prescribed eye drops, but they were ineffective. My symptoms became more severe: after using the computer for a long time or watching television, the next day my eyes would be really uncomfortable. In the end I pretty much stopped watching television at all. After driving, particularly at night, my eyes would be uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be able to get them open in the morning. Going to the mall became a torture. Then I found out about this method. I had used the computer all day and tried it out by massaging my eye area. After getting off work I went to pick up my wife and didn’t wear sunglasses. My wife said it was probably just that the sunlight was weaker that day. By the third day, when I got up early I opened my eyes easily (even though they were still a little sticky, it was no longer a case of feeling like I couldn’t get them open at all). The sun was shining bright that morning, but I drove to work without my sunglasses. I found that my eyes still felt fine when I got to work. After only two days of massage I showed obvious improvement, so I persevered using this method and now I have virtually no symptoms at all.